8 Musical Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby

Give your baby the gift of music this Christmas! Music really is the most wonderful gift that you can give your baby this Christmas. You are not just giving your baby a toy – you are giving them an experience. … Continue reading

Why ‘old-fashioned’ nursery rhymes are still important

Are nursery rhymes a thing of the past? Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, Couldn’t put Humpty together again. It seems that Humpty and all … Continue reading

Babies music session "Welcome Song"

5 Fabulous Music Activities for Babies

I am often asked the question – when can I introduce my baby to music? In fact, it’s never too early to introduce your baby to music. You can integrate music into your baby’s day to day routine right from … Continue reading

3 Tips for Introducing Your Baby to a Foreign Language

You might think it’s impossible to teach your child a language that you don’t speak. But who says you have to be fluent in French, proficient at Portuguese or chatty in Chinese to introduce your baby a foreign language. Why … Continue reading

Nature play ideas for young children

Wonders to see, smell, touch and hear, Nature delights us all through the year, With beauty that’s ours to enjoy and protect, Because nature deserves our love and respect Disney Winnie the Poo “Nature’s True Colours” In today’s busy world … Continue reading

5 Surprise Games to Improve Baby’s Learning

Your baby is a little Scientist If you’ve ever watched your baby encounter a new experience, you may have noticed the look on his face as he processed the fresh information and how it fits in with the core information … Continue reading

Boogying with your baby has brilliant benefits for both of you!

The other day I was feeling a little stressed about the list of household chores and work I had to get done. Added to that was a dose of “Mummy guilt” about not spending enough time with my 3-year-old on … Continue reading

Hand made egg maracas for Eatser

Handmade egg maracas make an egg-cellent Easter gift for babies and toddlers

Easter is upon us and so is the season of chocolate! But if you’re like me you might prefer to wait a couple of years before giving your baby sweets. When my girls were babies I tried to keep them … Continue reading

Music Activities that stimulate your baby’s vestibular system

Rocking, bouncing and swinging activities stimulate your baby’s vestibular system You and a friend from your mother’s group are carrying your babies when you stop and talk to each other. As you stand there you both start to jiggle without … Continue reading

6 pre-literacy skills your child can start learning from birth

Preparing your baby for school My “baby” started school this week. It seems like just yesterday that she really was a baby whom I held in my arms and who barely left my side.  When I said goodbye at the … Continue reading