So what’s inside The Bubble Box?

Join and you’ll get free, instant, unlimited access to my 8 week program of music activities for babies. In each session I lead activities that explore different themes through nursery rhymes, traditional and original songs, lullabies, finger plays, dancing and more.

Each activity contains a video with the lyrics. You “press play” and I sing and demonstrate the actions. You’ll soon be singing along and sharing smiles and giggles with baby and feeling great for playing an active role in your baby’s development.

The Bubble Box

Benefits of music for babies @ The Bubble Box

  1. Boosts your baby’s development – Research shows us music has a host of developmental benefits for babies including brain, language and communication development.
  2. Make the most of precious baby time – Babies don’t stay babies for long! Music is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time bonding with your little one in the first fleeting months and years.
  3. Easy, convenient and fun – Instant access to easy to follow videos. The activities are like those you’d find in a face to face music group, but with the flexibility of being online. Enjoy music in line with your schedule.
The Bubble Box